The Soniclean Soft Carpet upright was awarded the Carpet & Rug Institute's highest performance rating for carpet cleaning, carpet maintenance and energy efficiency.

Patented Sonic Cleaning Technology

Soniclean is the only vacuum cleaner to use sonic technology, an extremely effective and non-abrasive way to clean soft style carpets.

A patented sonic bar on the bottom of the vacuum produces 200 vibrations per second of sonic energy that is proven to effectively dislodge embedded dirt deep within the carpet pile.

Ultra-Soft Brush Roll Bristles

Soniclean has worked with Mohawk Industries to develop a special brush roll with ultra-soft nylon bristles that is designed to effectively but gently clean soft style carpets without damaging the carpet fibers. Soniclean's ultra-soft brush roll leaves your carpet looking clean and well groomed.

Patented Vent System

Soniclean's EZ-Push adjustable vent system allows the vacuum to easily glide across even the plushest carpets.

The Soniclean Soft Carpet vacuum also works exceptionally well on any type of flooring surface (hard or soft).

Hospital-Grade HEPA Filtration

The Soniclean Soft Carpet vacuum uses hospital-grade H13 HEPA filter bags. With no secondary filters to replace, and no dust canisters to wash, you never come in contact with the dirt that you remove from your floor.

Soniclean's SEAL-TECH HEPA system provides superior filtration and an easy, hygienic way to dispose of the dirt, debris and allergens.